The SwingersBook Community

SwingersBook was originally founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and created by Tim Russell which is a Web Designer and Developer and owner of Explicit Website Design L.L.C., a registered company in the state of Arkansas.

The goal and idea behind creating SwingersBook was to create a more user friendly Swingers Dating community with Social features.

SwingersBook is the leading free, ad-supported, Swingers Dating website, offering users the ability to view, share, as well as upload their own original content, meet other Swingers across the United States or near their location. It is our priority to ensure that our community remains safe, inclusive, diverse, and free from abusive and illegal content that violates our terms of service and the spirit of the SwingersBook community.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of our users and preserve the integrity of our platform, we’ve decided to share some of our policies, and have created related guidelines. These guidelines aim to summarize the basics of our Terms of Service, what constitutes a violation of these terms, and how we tackle these violations through prevention, identification and response. We encourage all user-generated content that adheres to our Terms of Service, our Policies and Related Guidelines, and respect and reflect our Core ValuesConsentFreedom of sexual expressionAuthenticityOriginality , and Diversity. Though not an exhaustive list, following these guidelines, as well as respecting and reflecting our platform values, helps ensure SwingersBook remains a safe, secure, and positive space for sexual expression. 


Core Values

ConsentFreedom of Sexual ExpressionAuthenticityOriginality, and Diversity are the values that have made SwingersBook the leading free, ad-supported, swingers dating website, because they empower, inspire, liberate and revolutionize our understanding of sexuality and sexual expression.

ConsentFreedom of Sexual ExpressionAuthenticityOriginality, and Diversity are the values that have made SwingersBook the leading free, ad-supported, swingers dating website, because they empower, inspire, liberate and revolutionize our understanding of sexuality and sexual expression.

Consent is mandatory. Any content uploaded to SwingersBook must be consensual.

We define Consent as the express, voluntary, and non-coerced agreement or willingness to engage in a specific sexual activity, and, where applicable, to produce, or disseminate content for a particular audience. It is the power we, as individuals, have over our bodies, image, and the content we generate or of which we are a part. Consent is paramount to protecting the safety of our users and the integrity of our platform.

We insist that all those uploading content onto our platform ensure that they have the required consent from all those featured and otherwise in any way involved with the content in question. When you are working with others, whether participants, performers, or producers you must always take all necessary actions to protect yourself, all persons involved, and your content.

Remember that pornography does not always represent sexual interactions and behaviors typical of everyday life, and can depict diverse fantasies and role-play by consenting amateurs and professionals.


  • Confirm that all subjects of uploads are over eighteen (18) years of age (or older in any other location in which 18 is not the minimum age of majority);
  • Educate yourself on consent and how to recognize it ;
  • Ensure you have the valid consent of all parties featured in the content to post or share said content at the time of submission;
  • Adhere to the requirements outlined in our Terms of Service
  • Alert us immediately of any content you believe to be non-consensual;


  • Upload or share any content involving individuals under eighteen (18) years of age (or older in any other location in which 18 is not the minimum age of majority);
  • Upload content without having the valid consent of all those featured, or otherwise involved, in the production of the content;
  • Upload any content if you’re unsure as to whether you have the valid consent necessary to share or post that content;
  • Assume you have permission to post content without express and valid consent of all parties featured;
  • Pressure someone into sexual activity or sharing intimate content using fear, intimidation, or misrepresentation;
  • Post or expose personal or confidential information about any individual without their consent;
  • Violate the requirements outlined in our Terms of Service.

SwingersBook never encourages, condones, or tolerates non-consensual content.

For more information on how we treat non-consensual content, please review our Non-consensual Content Policy, and our Terms of Service. 


We aren’t afraid to keep it kinky, fun, and even vanilla at SwingersBook. We understand that sexual expression is ambiguous, subjective, and complex – there is no norm when it comes to what turns you on! When acted out by consenting adults in safe environments and adhering to our Terms of Service, desires, fetishes and fantasies are welcomed and supported on our platform.


  • Feel free and unashamed to share and indulge in what excites and entertains you – so long as that content adheres to our Terms of Service;
  • Enjoy and explore yourself, our platform, and what the SwingersBook community has to offer;
  • Remember pornography does not always represent sexual interactions and behaviors typical of everyday life, and can depict diverse fantasies and role-play by consenting amateurs and professionals;
  • Respect the SwingersBook values, Terms of Service, and community of users.


  • Repress or oppress others on the SwingersBook platform;
  • Assume diverse fantasies and role-play are appropriate in every day sexual interactions without seeking and obtaining valid consent from the other individuals involved;
  • Violate our Terms of Service.

Authenticity, like consent, is an integral part of the content that makes SwingersBook the leader in Swingers Dating.  When uploading content to our site, Impersonating and Misrepresenting with intent to cause harm or spread misinformation is not tolerated.


  • Abide by the minimum age of majority set out by your jurisdiction, as outlined in our Terms of Service. Only visit, view, and/or use our platform if you are at least (18) years of age (or older in any other location in which 18 is not the minimum age of majority);
  • Consider becoming SwingersBook verified and show our community that you’re a real person, and not a bot. SwingersBook provides Photo Verification for our users. Photo verification allows you to verify your profile, showing the SwingersBook community that you’re really a human being, and not a robot. By getting verified, you acquire a blue checkmark to your profile. Verification can enhance profile credibility and exposure. If you see a profile with a blue checkmark, you know the user is a real person.
  • Upload and share original and consensual adult content;
  • Adhere to the requirements outlined in our Terms of Service

Posting stolen content is a copyright infringement and a direct violation of our Terms of Service, so make sure you post only content that is yours or over which you have the rights. Remember, copyright is complicated. You may be in the video but may have no right to it. To ensure no one reuploads your content without your permission, you can fingerprint, or if you find your content on SwingersBook, simply fill out our DMCA form and unauthorized content will be removed. 

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Learn more about our DMCA process here.


  • Upload original content;
  • Share content and support content creators with their consent and authorization;
  • Fill out our DMCA form to remove unauthorized copyright infringement;
  • Consider fingerprinting your content for free with MediaWise from Vobile as an added layer of protection of the content in question*;
  • Learn more about our copyright policy;
  • Adhere to the requirements outlined in our Terms of Service.


  • Upload content that is not yours;
  • Assume you have the authorization to upload someone else’s content;
  • Share content you know to be or constitutes copyright infringement;
  • Otherwise violate the requirements outlined in our Terms of Service

Diversity shouldn’t be a kink, but it is a big turn-on. So whatever your ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, or body type, the SwingersBook community welcomes all consenting adults to connect, upload and share original content, shame-free. Our platform is for exploration and discovery, and we don’t permit any discriminatory abuse towards any user.


  • Feel empowered to upload content no matter your ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, or body type;
  • Connect with the community and explore or discover your kink;
  • Learn more about our Violent content policy and how context and consent are integral;
  • Learn more about our inflammatory content policy and how context and consent are integral;
  • Adhere to the requirements outlined in our Terms of Service


  • Shame or abuse anyone based on their ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability, body-type, or kink;
  • Post abusive or hateful comments or messages of a racist, homophobic, transphobic, fat-shaming, or otherwise derogatory nature intended to hurt or shame those individuals featured;
  • Incite or encourage others to post abusive or hateful comments or messages;
  • Incite or encourage violence towards any individual, group, or entity;
  • Violate the requirements outlined in our Terms of Service

Policies and Related Guidelines

Unlike many other user-generated content sharing platforms, pornographic and sexually explicit material is accepted on SwingersBook. That being said, all content that is uploaded to our platform must adhere to our Terms of Service. SwingersBook takes a number of actions to help protect the safety of our community, and integrity of our platform.

Our team systematically monitors and reviews our policies to increase safety and efficacy, as well as to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory changes around the world.

To help users understand the basics of what is and is NOT allowed on our platform, we’ve decided to share some of our policies, and have created related guidelines. Please take the time to read our policies and related guidelines. Though not an exhaustive list, following our policies and related guidelines helps to keep the SwingersBook platform a secure and enjoyable space for our global community by listing some basics about what isn’t allowed on SwingersBook.  

Users can review the basics about what is NOT ALLOWED on SwingersBook by visiting our policies, which include respective guidelines. Universally, content is strictly prohibited if it*:

  • Is illegal;
  • Is non-consensual;
  • Involves minors (under eighteen (18) years of age for the purposes of our child sexual assault material policy);
  • Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner with the explicit aim of causing harm or dangerous behavior;
  • Involves life-threatening violence, snuff, torture, or death;
  • Involves inflammatory content including violent extremism or political provocation;
  • Harasses or threatens or encourages others to do so;
  • Is confidential information; or
  • Is spam

*This serves as an indicative list and does not constitute an exhaustive list. For the full description, please review our Terms of Service, under the section entitled, Prohibited Uses. SwingersBook reserves the right at all times to determine whether content is appropriate and in compliance with our terms of service, and may remove any content at any time, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, if such content is found to be in violation of our Terms of Service or is otherwise objectionable.

Adult entertainment. The clue’s in the name. SwingersBook is an adult content-hosting and sharing platform for consenting adult use only. Consent, as a rule and value, is paramount to the security of our users and integrity of our platform. Pornography and other forms of consensually produced adult content are allowed on SwingersBook. More information on what consent means to SwingersBook can be found in our Values.

If you upload a piece of content onto our platform without having the valid consent of all participants featured in that content, it is deemed non-consensual content and constitutes a severe violation of our Terms of Service. Furthermore, uploading intimate and explicit sexual images of a person without their consent may be considered a criminal offence in several countries. You may know the term as; revenge porn, sexual image based abuse, or non-consensual porn—whatever it is called…it is not okay.

Non-consensual content not only encompasses what is commonly referred to as “revenge porn[ography],” but also includes any content which would seek to exploit or take advantage of any person or being without their valid consent, or seek to expose or share the identity of a person without their valid consent. 

We are steadfast in our commitment to protecting the safety of our users and integrity of our platform and stand with victims of revenge porn and work alongside law enforcement authorities across the globe to assist in the investigation of such offenses involving non-consensual content.

If you’re still unsure as to what could be deemed to constitute non-consensual content, you can refer to our non-consensual content guideline below for a non-exhaustive list of what we, at SwingersBook, disavow on our platform.

The creation and dissemination of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) is an abhorrent crime and SwingersBook is committed to the fight against the distribution of CSAM. We have a zero-tolerance policy toward child sexual abuse material on our platform, as well as toward those who produce, disseminate, as well as seek out and consume CSAM. Any content featuring or depicting a child is strictly forbidden on our platform and is deemed to constitute a grave violation of our Terms of Service. For the purposes of this policy, a child is any person under eighteen (18) years of age. We report all cases of apparent child sexual abuse material that we are made aware of to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), a nonprofit that refers cases to law enforcement globally.

Furthermore, we, at SwingersBook, endorse and are committed to remaining in alignment with the objectives reflected in the Eleven (11) Voluntary Principles; a collaborative initiative launched by the Five Country Ministerial* and industry-leading tech companies to counter online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). Whilst some bad actors seek to exploit advances in technology and the digital world, we believe robust, efficient, and flexible policies, as well as global cross-sector collaboration, can effectively eradicate the spread of online abuse and will continue to adhere to these crucial commitments.  

* The Five Country Ministerial is made up of the Homeland Security, Public Safety and Immigration Ministers of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, who gather annually to collaborate on meeting common security challenges.

  • Any content that depicts activity or behaviour posing a real threat or likelihood of causing serious physical injury or death to the person(s) featured is strictly prohibited on our platform and constitutes a serious violation of our terms of service. Our full Terms of Service can be viewed here.

    It is important to remember that pornography does not always represent sexual interactions and behaviors typical of everyday life, and often depicts diverse fantasies and role-play scenarios by consenting amateurs and professionals. Valid consent and intent are integral for all images and videos uploaded to the site, and therefore context plays a critical role in evaluating whether extreme fantasies violate our Terms of Service or pose a real threat or likelihood of causing serious distress or physical injury to the individuals involved.

    SwingersBook aims to offer the adult community an open, safe, and diverse space for an array of sexual expression and preferences. Consent and context are key to distinguishing content that depicts prohibited content, such as extreme violence posing a serious risk of harm or death, from exploring pain, kinks and/or less traditional sexual-based activities. Content that is categorized as BDSM, hardcore, or rough may often contain graphic content and/or violence. Although we recognize that some may consider BDSM, Hardcore, or Rough sex as “degrading” or “dehumanizing,” these words are entirely subjective. Essentially, what is degrading and dehumanizing to you may be empowering and dignifying for someone practicing safe BDSM. To learn more about healthy BDSM, we invite users to check out our additional resources section below.

    That being said, we wish to highlight that although fetishes such as BDSM, Hardcore, and Rough Sex are popular categories, the vast majority of this style of content is created and produced by professionals in a safe and secure environment, employing strict consent and safety-based protocols, and involving consenting adults. In all cases, be it professional or amateur, we expect all user content to adhere to the SwingersBook’s Core Values

  • SwingersBook’s Terms of Service do not allow users to upload content that infringes upon intellectual property rights, including copyright and trademark. The SwingersBook community thrives on new and original content, and we ask users to be sure that they respect others’ legal rights before sharing or uploading content. Publishing or otherwise distributing content for which you do not have authorization is strictly prohibited.

    Furthermore, SwingersBook ’s partnerships with numerous content producers, both professional and amateur are vital for the growth and continued success of the platform and its community, and so respecting intellectual property rights is essential to promote expression, originality and innovative new content.

    We take claims of copyright infringement seriously and consider well-founded claims to be a serious violation to our Terms of Service. SwingersBook operates a clear Copyright Process in relation to any content alleged to infringe the copyright of a third party. We will respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the “DMCA”) or any other applicable intellectual property legislation or laws.

    If you believe that any Content violates your copyright, please see our Copyright Process for instructions on sending us a notice of copyright infringement.

    If someone uploads a media to SwingersBook that you own, or that you participated in, without your permission, this is a legal issue. You will need to fill out and submit a DMCA takedown notice form.

    Unauthorized use of copyrighted materials: Learn more about SwingersBook’s copyright policy and file a removal request by using our online DMCA form.

    When filling out the DMCA takedown notice form, please include all relevant URL links as well as the takedown reason and any context that you feel will assist us in processing your request.

It is vital for the safety of our community and integrity of our Platform to make our Policies and Related Guidelines clear and help ensure that content that violates our Terms of Service can be quickly identified, addressed, and actioned accordingly. Pornhub moderates user-uploaded content in three major ways: through the use of automated detection technologies, through real-life human moderators, and through user-generated reports. We find that this combination of human eyes and cutting-edge technology enables us to rapidly respond to any issues while maintaining a safe and inclusive platform. Learn more about the various ways in which our community of users and members can easily and confidentially alert our dedicated teams of infringing, illegal, or abusive content by reading through our report functionalities and features.

To report any Abuse or Violations, please us our Contact form here.

We are committed to working to ensure our community remains safe, inclusive, diverse, and free from harmful content. As part of our commitment, it is important that our community members have an easy way to alert us to content that infringes our Terms of Service.

By using our reporting feature, community members can easily alert our staff to potentially harmful content. Reporting content this way is easy, confidential, and serves to alert our team of human moderators to review the identified content or comment. 

Restricted to Adults Compliance (RTA)

The SwingersBook platform is intended to be a secure and sex-positive space for adult viewing and adult content only. We take seriously our commitment to the safety of our users and integrity of our platform.

SwingersBook is fully RTA compliant as rated by the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP), and, as a reminder, is strictly reserved for those of legal age only.

As is clearly outlined in our Terms of Service, access to our platform is strictly limited to those who affirm that :

  • They are at least eighteen (18) years of age (or older in any other location in which 18 is not the minimum age of majority) from which our platform is accessed.
  • Are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties set forth in our Terms of Service, and to abide by and comply with said Terms of Service .
  • The jurisdiction from which they access our platform does not prohibit the receiving or viewing of sexually explicit content.

In order to help enforce our terms and assist in restricting access to minors, we have ensured that SwingersBook is, and remains, fully RTA (Restricted to Adults) compliant, and allows every page to be blocked by simple parental control tools.

We urge parents to monitor their children’s online activity and implement parental controls as appropriate to keep their children safe in the digital age. We firmly believe that parents are best placed to police their children’s activity using the plethora of tools already available in modern operating systems and devices.

We have set out below some simple guidelines and advice on how to limit the potential for your child to access inappropriate content .

  Making the Internet Child-Friendly

There are many tools available for parents to make the internet safer for their children. ISPs, device manufacturers, and operating system developers have ensured an easy route to setting up parental controls. They all use simple step-by-step instructions which you only need to follow once, giving you control over your children’s browsing habits beyond simple supervision.

SwingersBook’s Restricted to Adults tags ensure that all such controls can automatically block our site when enabled by parents.

All modern operating systems have built-in parental controls and they are simple to activate requiring only a few minutes to setup. Microsoft Windows 10 for instance, allows parents to easily setup accounts for their children, restrict which apps and programs they can open, and block inappropriate websites at the touch of a button.

Visit the Microsoft Family Safety site for more information.

Apple devices such as Macs, iPads, and iPhones have similar parental controls which can be enabled by following the instructions on Apple’s dedicated Families site

As many children use their own personal devices to access the internet, mobile operating systems now include tools to ensure parents can stay firmly in control of their children’s browsing habits.

iOS devices from Apple such as iPhones and iPads can block inappropriate content, set screen time limits and prevent apps from being installed without permission. More information is available on Apple’s dedicated Families site.

Android products such as smartphones and tablets contain similar protections, allowing parents to choose what their children can see and do on their personal devices. The Google Safety Centre will walk you through the setup process.

Most, if not all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer protections to limit the websites available to your home or handheld device. Such services block all traffic to inappropriate websites and can usually be enabled by logging into your ISP account online. Simply contact your ISP and they can advise how to enable their content blocks.
In addition to parental controls provided free of charge by operating systems, device manufacturers and ISPs, there are multiple parental control apps available from third parties. A non-exhaustive list is provided below:

Requesting Personal Information

We fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities’ communication or court order received and requesting or directing us to disclose the identity or other information of anyone posting any Content on or through SwingersBook. In the spirit of said cooperation, we may access, preserve, and disclose account information and records to law enforcement authorities solely in accordance with our Terms of Service, under the section entitled, “Permitted Disclosures of Personal Information.” In particular, we may disclose personal information (such as, but not limited to; email-address(es), recent login/logout IP address(es)) where we are required to do so in order to comply with any valid legal process or governmental request (such as a court order, search warrant, subpoena, civil discovery request, or statutory requirement).

We may also, in accordance with our Terms of Service , take legal action, including referral to law enforcement, for any illegal or unauthorized use and/or content on SwingersBook.

Without limiting the foregoing, we have the right to fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity or other information of anyone posting any content on or through the websites. You waive and hold us harmless and our site operator, its parent corporation, their respective affiliates, licensors, service providers, officers, directors, employees, agents, successors and assigns from any claims resulting from any action taken by us or any of the foregoing parties during or as a result of its investigations and from any actions taken as a consequence of investigations by either us, such parties or law enforcement authorities.

The following information serves as a guideline for law enforcement officials seeking disclosure of records. You may serve us a valid Court Order, Subpoena, Search Warrant or equivalent Legal or Official Administrative Document by respecting the following conditions:

  1. The document(s) is uploaded, and all required fields have been filed out adequately on our Legal Data Request Form located here.
  2. The document(s) you are serving is correctly issued by a valid Court of Law or equivalent legal or administrative authority to the right operating entity for the Site in question.

We reserve the right to refuse online service through our Platform, namely in cases where the above requirements are not met and require formal legal service at the above address. In such event, you will be notified. We may raise or waive any legal objection or right available, in our sole discretion.